Youth Personal Training with a
specialty in Special Needs

Learn to enjoy movement

build healthy habits

connect with friends & family

Tired of screen time taking
over your child’s life?

I get it! Sometimes its hard to
make movement and healthy
habits fun.

We believe your kids should enjoy movement…. so, we’ve made it fun!

Live Action Fitness

Dungeons & Dragons style adventures where kids create their own characters and level up

Private Training

One to one workouts to support your kid’s individual needs

POD Training

Assemble your own training team for workouts with family and friends

Parent Support

Coaching for nutrition and behavior change to shape your kid’s healthy habits at home

Hi! I’m Coach Jason.

I help kids learn to love
movement and build
healthy habits

Too many kids are stuck on their screens, but you don’t need to play sports to have a coach.

Adaptive Movement offers private and small group personal training for teens and kids as young as 10 years old. Sessions are available in Palisades, Falls Church, and online.

Here’s how easy it is to work together!

step 01.

We meet online in an intro zoom call

step 02.

Your kid gets moving with their very own personal trainer

step 03.

Watch them build strength and confidence

My son has been training with Jason for several years. His strength, flexibility, and balance have improved. My son is motivated to workout with Jason and often remarks about how proud Jason would be about certain things he has done. Jason treats my son with respect and provides encouragement. He discusses my son's progress with me and seeks input regarding his needs. Jason has a great deal of experience training children with a spectrum of abilities. He seems to thrive on helping them to achieve their goals and is creative in engaging them to do so.
S Hoffman
Our 11 year old did a week camp with Coach Jason and absolutely loved it. He found really creative ways to get all the kids moving (even using Dungeons and Dragons!). We highly recommend and plan to do future sessions.
Kristin Gonzalez
The best time! My daughter had a blast with Jason during a week long camp he held for her and some friends. Highly recommend - we will be returning for sure!
Jessica Long
Thank you for what you do! Ben has really gained confidence/self-esteem, not to mention muscles because of your program! I really appreciate what you've added to his life!
Nancy M.
Jason has worked with my autistic teenage son for the past 3 years on fitness and motor planning goals. Jason is incredibly patient and creative in his sessions with my son, frequently adapting activities to my son's motor skill abilities. He is very energetic and positive and my son looks forward to his session with Jason each week!
Katharine Paal
I want to share with other parents how amazing Adaptive Movement is. After years of dreading exercise because of negative experiences related to school PE, my son has finally found a way to work out that feels comfortable and welcoming to him. Coach Jason has developed an amazing program combining working out with my son’s interest in live action role playing games - genius! Coach Jason is very tuned in to the individual kids and welcomes feedback from the parents as to the specific needs and concerns of each family. I wholeheartedly recommend Adaptive Movement and Coach Jason for getting kids to participate in and enjoy fitness activities!
Miranda Brannon

Want to Know How I Make Fitness Fun For Kids?

Discover the five reasons why I choose Live Action Fitness. This program not only makes exercising enjoyable for kids, but also helps them achieve their fitness goals.


Making Fitness Fun For Kids

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