Why love Live Action Fitness

Everybody needs fitness, but too many kids struggle to enjoy activities that keep them healthy.
Between video games and social media, kids are glued to their screens and feeling more isolated than ever.

It’s time to raise the standard and chart a new path with Live Action Fitness – a health and fitness role-playing game for kids. I love LAF because it is the perfect tool for training your brain and body.

Here are my top 5 reasons why:

1) Making a connection – With kids, the first thing you need to do is connect and build a relationship that makes them comfortable enough to follow your lead. Playing a game and having fun together is the best way to break the ice and get the ball rolling.

2) Physical strength and fitness – LAF helps kids love movement and stay healthy with fun mini-games and personalized fitness targets. Players level up alongside their characters earning gold coins through hard work and dedication.

3) Mental focus – LAF strengthens your memory and attention span. Players make new brain connections as everyone fully engages together on the task at hand.

4) Building your new identity – Players start by creating their own unique character to team up with friends on a health & fitness hero’s journey. LAF puts kids on a new path towards a more confident and healthy sense of self.

5) Leadership and teamwork – Players communicate together to plan and solve problems as a team. LAF teaches you how to make choices and have an impact on the world.

When your kid joins the LAF squad, they no longer need video games to feel like a super hero. They’ll build strength and confidence as they get moving at the Bard’s College: a health & fitness adventure academy. That’s how Live Action Fitness teaches kids to love movement and stay healthy!