1) Connection – With kids, you first need to connect and make them feel comfortable enough to follow your lead. The best way to break the ice and and start having fun is to play games. Playing games creates a strong connection of rapport and reciprocity. Having fun with fitness helps kids expand their comfort zone without getting overwhelmed. Kids don’t like to be told what to do and they aren’t motivated by the same things as adults. Make it a game where everyone is having fun and everything will flow from there.

2) Strength – LAF helps kids love movement and stay healthy with fun mini-games and personalized fitness targets. Players level up earning gold coins and power-ups through hard work and dedication, but without putting kids under too much pressure.

3) Focus – LAF strengthens your memory and attention span. Players make new brain connections as everyone fully engages together on the task at hand.

4) Identity – Players start by creating their own unique character to team up with friends on a health & fitness hero’s journey. LAF puts kids on a new path towards a more confident and healthy sense of self.

5) Leadership – Players communicate together to plan and solve problems as a team. LAF teaches you how to make choices and have an impact on the world.