Frequently Asked Questions

What on Earth is an RPG and why should my kids play one?
RPG stand for Role-Playing Game. Click here to discover the power of RPG’s for kids of all abilities.

Is it covered by insurance?
Unfortunately, no. Insurance only covers therapy services and not youth personal training.

What’s your background?
I have an extensive background working in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) as a long term Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). I have over a decade of experience working with kids and teens of all abilities both in-home and in-school.

How long are the sessions?
All training sessions are 50 minutes.

What about prices? Isn’t personal training expensive?
A/M offers two tiers of pricing for parents who want to invest in their child’s health and make sure they have a positive relationship to exercise. Single sessions are available at a premium or you can get more for less with an A/M membership.

How do I handle payments and scheduling?
Seamlessly schedule sessions and checkout using your account on the scheduling/payments page. Keep in mind, appointments can only be booked 12 hours or more in advance.

How do I manage the zoom links if I’m training online?
You can forward the email confirmations, log into your account through the scheduling page, or save the appointments in a shared calendar.