Pick your stats – Mind, body, magic, health, and wealth

Find your archetype – From the brave warrior, to the clever thief, powerful mage, and the healing cleric. Be who you want to be. This is just your starting place. As the game goes on, you will be able to put your own twist on your archetype as your character evolves.

Select your character image – Use a simple google image search, draw your own picture, or create your own 3-d custom miniature. Project the image that best reflects your character. Your image should be on display throughout the session for you and the rest of the players to keep in the mind’s eye. Your character image does not need to perfectly match your current items or abilities.

Inventory – Find your focus item and starting gear. Items are ubiquitous, common, uncommon, rare, or unique.

Special abilities – From casting your magic spells to multiple strikes and extra range on your projectiles